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Never order a margarita in a Chinese restaurant. The Toadies rock your world. I could do much better. I’m just holding back. I’m not defensive. Leave me alone. Stop touching me. Matt Lindenburg: Please call home. Do not remove tag under penalty of law. Void where prohibited. Item sold by volume, not weight. Items may shift during flight. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. This is a test. This is only a test. Had this been an actual emergency, you would have received further instructions on how the world will end. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program. No shoes, no shirt, no service. You must be at least THIS TALL to ride this ride. The enclosed materials are provided as a convenience and customer service to the members and supporters of the FGS, and said Materials are not to be relied upon as legal opinions rendered by FGS, or on their behalf, by any of their agents, servants, and/or employees. 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Caution: Risk of electrical shock; do not open. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this World Wide Web site, mistakes can occur. DO NOT EAT: Ageless Oxygen Absorber. Surgeon General’s warning: Smoking is dangerous to your health. DUH! The resale of this ticket for more than its face value is prohibited by law. Saturday stayover required. Keep flame away from face. Contents under pressure. Hazardous materials such as explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poisons, corrosives, loaded firearms, radioactive materials or astrologers are forbidden aboard the aircraft. Please pardon our mess. Refer servicing to qualified personnel. Prices subject to change. This program is intended for mature audiences only — but you’ll probably listen anyway. Use front entrance. Rear Entrance Only. This seat does not recline. Close cover before striking. Cigarette smoke contains Carbon Monoxide. Water flow speed can be regulated with switch. Prices and availability subject to change with out notice. Kramer can not be responsible for typography errors. FGS E-mail specials prices are not valid with any other special offer from FGS. No guarantee of fitness or applicability is given or implied. Severe dependency may be a symptom of some deeper underlying disorder; consult your physician. We will accept no liability for smudges, or repetitive stress injury, or spilled drinks caused by reaching for the screen, or any other damage associated with this activity. If you find yourself feeling drowsy, it might be advisable to take a break. Maximum dosage should be limited to no more then 6 hours per day, unless you are especially physically fit. The horoscopes are licensed to you alone and are not transferable. If you are unhappy with your horoscope for any reason, you may return it for exchange for a period of up to 90 days after delivery (for a small restocking fee). Batteries Not Included. Warning: may start wars or induce famine. All payments are due in full. Do nothing and avoid criticism. Your mileage may vary. Warning: no lifeguard on duty. Keep gate closed at all times. This is six inches. No Glass Containers allowed. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if seal is broken. Call for free estimate — must be 18 or over. Signature acknowledges acceptance of terms located on the reverse of this page. This horoscope is intended for general use and no war
ranty is implied for suitability to any given task. I hold no responsibility for your setup or any damage done while using/installing/modifying this horoscope. You just don’t give up do you? Unauthorized access is against the law. Commercial use without explicit written consent of the author is prohibited. Let the other passengers off first. Stand clear of the closing doors. Step behind the white line. See the Owner’s Guide for additional information. Stay off cover — will not support weight. Keep children away. This is not a safety cover. Affix to windshield in a visible location. Do not use if cracked or chipped. Do not reheat in this container. Do not inhale fumes. Do not point directly at sun. Do not reuse container. Flashing light indicates lot is full. Container may rupture if contents are allowed to freeze. Retail Pack: not for individual sale. Keep device away from overhead power lines. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause colours to fade. Additional information can be obtained from your System Administrator or Internet Service Provider. Avoid direct sunlight while taking this medication. By using and/or modifying FGS Horoscopes you agree to indemnify Kramer Wetzel and his associates from any liability that might arise from its use and/or modification. Selling the code for FGS without prior written consent from the copyright owner is expressly forbidden. You must have permission before redistributing FGS. Domine Nos Dirige. This is not a right of way dedicated to the public. Press alarm button for 3 seconds, if unobtainable, press again. Door control in emergency. Keep this pass and present to bus operator or rail inspector. Remove placard while vehicle is in motion. No fishing from bridge. Remove before flight. Traffic fines double. Esta maquina acepta billete de un dolar o pesetas. Danger: do not stick your head in towel roll. Claim checks are required before exiting. Please stop here. This door to remain locked during take off and landing. Do not stand in stairwell. All hot checks are filed as a criminal case with warrants of arrest. Watch for slow traffic ahead. Hatch weight 50 lbs. Wet fuel cell, do not remove. REMINDER: AOL staff will never ask you for your password or billing information. Please do not top off. For sale or lease-will build to suit. Maximum capacity 2500 lbs. Fasten seatbelts while seated. Medical use only. Please be advised this communication does not create an attorney-client relationship. To fasten your seatbelt, insert the metal tab in to the buckle. Not for hire. Breakfast, lunch, supper, only. By federal law, children under 15 may not sit in emergency exit rows. We’re sorry but it is not necessary to dial a 1 or a 0 when dialing this number. Dry bay panel. System for demonstration purposes only. System delivered may vary from photo shown. Ped Xing. Do not use with water or overheat. Use floating candles in water only. Never leave unattended while burning. Reduce Speed Ahead. Stand clear automatic door. Stand clear automatic gate. It is not safe to use cooking appliances for comfort heating. Shower door must be latched when vehicle is in motion. Emergency slide do not seat. Pillow and blanket storage, not for passenger use. Notice: protect your food and ice chest from bears. No street parking during snow removal operations. One lane road, motorhomes and trailers not advised. Use minimum thrust on takeoff. Unattended children will be towed away at owner’s expense. Toilet tissue only. Stand right, walk left. Please don’t crack the whips. No food or drink, please. Only real phone calls, please, no imaginary ones. Total bill does not reflect gratuity. I wish people would talk more on the tube and the bus only not to me. Do not touch the heater, please. Will not stick to the roof of your mouth. There can’t be two bulls in the same pasture. Sale prices on select items. Diamonds denote smaller portions available for a $1.00 less. This ain’t my first rodeo. Other cars will be crushed and melted. Do not remove by order of the state fire marshal. Danger concealed entrance. Oncoming vehicles in middle of road. Dogs must be kept on a lead. Push pad to open. Do not leave valuables in car. Unsuitable for large vehicles. Strike softly away from body. Austin is a clean air city. Expenses from Preexisting conditions are not covered by this policy. Reserved for Texas Legislative use only. Automatic gate may start without warning. Do not place hands on glass. No one under 21 allowed in the pool room after 10 PM. Horoscopes are meant for your entertainment and can be used as an aid to finding insight on personal issues. FGS Horoscopes in no way constitute legal, financial, medical or other advice and are not a substitute for a licensed professional. Information given does not constitute diagnosis or treatment of any illness, be it mental, physical, or spiritual. 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Amici e maccheroni, se non sono caldi, non sono buoni. Toda mercancia garantizada a su satisfaccion. Cuidado al bajar. Please do not feed seagulls. Never trust a skinny cook. Ferry loading governed by federal law. Please note: delivery times are not guaranteed. Agent will be available for check-in 1 hour prior to departure. No sniveling. Pellicle glue drying: do not touch. ©1999 Kramer Wetzel. Not recommended for use in hot beverages. The information you receive online from is protected by the copyright laws of the United States. The copyright laws prohibit any copying, redistributing, retransmitting, or repurposing of any copyright-protected material. When using any ink pen on airplane, be sure to remove the cap with the point up upward to avoid problems that could occur due to cabin pressure. Yield to Pedestrians in Crosswalk — State Law. Driver’s License or State Issued ID with Picture required. Sorry, this register is closed. Now entering the environmentally sensitive Edward’s Aquifer recharge zone. Post Office, Feed & Tackle. We don’t call 911. Like any driving directions or map, you should always do a reality check and make sure the road still exists, watch out for construction, and follow all traffic safety instructions. It’s free – use it at your own risk and don’t blame us if it doesn’t work out exactly like you thought it would. Please take crying babies to the lobby. No talking during the movie. A gratuity of 17% will be added to parties of 5 or more. Sorry, no split checks. Guaranteed not to turn rancid. Horoscopes are for outdoor use only. Penalty for private use. Gone crazy — back later. Caution: do not over tighten the nuts. Easy for the novice user. Don’t make any sudden moves and nobody gets hurt. Please take a number. If you find any keys please bring them to the snack bar. Before using, connect and charge the battery. Faculty parking only. No dogs – keep it clean. No snow cones here. Not to be removed until delivered to consumer. Please lower antenna. Counter line forms here. Boxmail is complete when light is flashing. Repeat offenders will be towed. Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did – only she did it backwards and in high heels The unlicensed possession of a weapon on these premises is a felony with a maximum penalty of 10 years of imprisonment and
a fine not to exceed $10,000. Alarm will sound if door is opened. By opening and configuring these horoscopes for your server and application you thereby assume any and all responsibility for the use and outcome of these horoscopes. Stand clear of hazard areas while engine is running. Do not open inboard fan cowl until leading edge slats are retracted and deactivated. Parking in rear for misplaced husbands. Turn off cellular phones, pagers and personal electronic devices while fueling. Beware of pickpockets and loose women. Beer – pool – dancing. Turn right after RR tracks. Refrigerator will be emptied every Friday evening. Don’t let children swing from the luggage rack. Trucks over two axles prohibited. Jail & Law parking only. Do not pick up UFOs. To save tires drive under 35. If you need special assistance, please notify an employee. Air Bag warning — flip visor over. Please take a number. If you find any keys, please bring them to the snack bar Before using, connect and charge the battery. No dogs – keep it clean. No snow cones here. Not to be removed until delivered to consumer. Please lower antenna. Counter line forms here. By bidding on this auction you are stating that you are over 18 years of age and you understand your local laws regarding the purchase, ownership and use of the item you are bidding on. No talking to imaginary people. Caution: jet blast hazard. Danger lake ahead. Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day. No food or drinks in the smoking lounge. Reserved for couples only please. Warning: Some people may find this report offensive. If your flight itinerary includes any nonstop flight longer than two hours, you will be served a packaged snack on that flight segment. Hippies use side door. Never try to outdrink an Australian. is an equal opportunity employer, women and minorities encouraged to apply. Niet aanraken s.v.p. Please respect our neighbors & leave quietly. All customers be advised that drinks purchased must not be consumed on premises. Please keep to paved area. Train is about to depart – stand clear of the doors. Please leave all pushchairs, buggies and prams outside the White Tower. Best seats are booked seats. Do not sit on the wall. Please keep your personal belongings with you at all times. Professional bag thieves operate in this area – watch your bag at all times. We will not pierce anyone under the age of 16 without a parent being present. Do not clean fish in restrooms. Large selection of vegetarian dishes free from animal product. All animals do bite. Abroche su cinturon. You must hang on to handrails. Brace feet. No cash kept on site. Church zone. Seats are for players only. Motorists should allow extra time for travel and use caution due to the reduced visibilities. Notice: collection of funds, circulation of petitions, distribution of printed materials and other similar activities on these premises by non-employees are not permitted. Cierren la puerta. In the course of normal handling, your luggage will acquire evidence of such as minor scratches, cuts, dents or soil. Never question the engineer’s judgment. Hey Gringo! Be all you can be! Ride with Pancho Villa! Always tighten action nut before skating. Do Not Grease Sliding Part of Arm. Adult assembly required. George is off Thursdays. This cashier’s window closes exactly at 7:00 PM. Do not ship loaded or unloaded. Please don’t eat the whole thing before you complain. Please purchase newspapers before reading. If it’s NOT grounded then it’s not dead. Stop for aircraft. Aircraft maintenance use only. Prudence d’abord. Pour éviter tout danger de suffocation, garder ce sac hors de portée des bébés et enfants. Please do not remove your pets from cages until outside terminal area. To unlock door: 1. Lift cover 2. Press lever down. 3. Slide door open. Objects under shirt are larger than they appear. Danger open hole area. Reserved seating for Senior Citizens and Mobility Impaired passengers. customers only – no alcoholic beverages – no loitering – no littering. Please do not video record or photograph during practice. Container must be placed on hard level ground – load uniformly. will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any person or entity who damages or endangers this website, server or astrologer. Warning: Hydraulic services may operate. Clear personnel from rudder, flaps, spoilers, and landing gear doors before connecting. No ticket no food. Extreme fire hazard – no open burning. Bicycles and pedestrians are prohibited in tunnel. Cellular phone users: please finish all calls before you approach the counter – the signal can interfere with the operation of the equipment. 1 drink per I.D. Hard hats and safety glasses are required on site. No unpaid products beyond this point. This unit can service ten persons for one work week. Excessive use will result in unsatisfactory conditions. Unlawful to pass with redlights flashing. Vehicles not allowed on walkways. Designed and Made in the USA! Caution: do not remove cowling until leading edge slats are retracted and deactivated. See instructions inside door. No permits required on Sunday. If I don’t suggest a glass of orange juice it’s free. Parking garage is full. Please seat yourself. Test header. First bus must pull up to this point. Danger: men cooking. No dancing on tables – no eating on floors. Lunch? Order at the counter. No conduzca a traves del aqua. Battery cut-off switch inside. Do not freeze – store in cool dry place. This horoscope is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Under Texas Law (chapter 87, civil practice and remedies code), an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities. (section 1, title 4.87.005). Please drive without lights until you get to the exit. Aluminum car radiator – thaw heat only. You may wish to stand back during bat flight to avoid droppings. Do not distract operator while train is in motion. To avoid injury stay off baggage belt. Looks under 30? Card them! No exceptions. Safety corridor traffic fines double. Stay back 200 feet – not responsible for broken or cracked windshields. Quit following me! Please pull forward. Do not climb fence – use walkways. Do not apply power without pad connected. No golfing. All deliveries must check in at counter. No free parking for anyone. Staff only beyond this point please. Warning: explosive egress system. After the strike, allow a one to four second interval before setting the hook. Stop! If you are getting a part off the shelf, please write it down on the R. O. sheet. Notice: check wheel lugs. City waterline inlet – potable water only. Potable water only. Sanitize, flush and drain before using. Notice: not responsible for fire, theft, or articles left in vehicles. All finished work left unclaimed will be sold off. Cold weather may cloud this product. Its antiseptic properties are not affected. Please do not throw away the fajita skillets. Please register for seating. Tow bar up when not in use. Maximum allowable side force on platform 150 pounds. Sitting on the stairs is forbidden. This product was manufactured in a facility at which nuts are used in the manufacture of other products. Under 21 must pay to re-enter. Please bath inside tub. Caution: Remote Control Locomotives operate in this area. Members and non-members only. Pedestrians use caution: closing arm gate. No Parking on R.O.W. Your mother is not here! Please clean up your own mess. Do Not use trolley on escalators. Baggage must not be left unattended. Children must not ride or be carried on the trolleys. Lift green lever to operate brake. Watching this screen while vehicle is in motion can lead to a serious accident. Make selections only when stopped. Some map data may be incorrect. Read safety instructions in the manual, first. Beer served with food orders only. is cholesterol free. No exit this side. No exit without driver’s permission. Return clean to avoid servic
e charge. State law prohibits passengers in bed of truck. Do not wash or rinse interior with water hose. Caution: secure all cargos. Do not follow truck into construction work area. Horse-drawn vehicles prohibited. No unauthorized personnel allowed in wheelhouse. Please keep all hands and buckets out of the tanks so shrimp will stay alive. Do not board ferryboat until directed by deckhand. Please remain in your vehicle until the ferryboat leaves the landing. No unattended children allowed on deck. Life jackets 60 adults. Do not discard. Explosive anesthesia not permitted. Latex free. Check bait status. No sleeping or lounging in the waiting room. If you are having surgery please take nothing by mouth: to include gum and candy. This horoscope is made from 75% post-consumer recycled fiber and uses approximately 63% less material than computer generated (corporate) astrology horoscopes, and it is intended for single use only. Please shop drawers below for your size and color. No fires of any type are allowed. Removal of plants, rocks or cultural items is strictly prohibited. Bicycles, horses and motorized vehicles are not permitted. No pets allowed on the management area. All battery claims are dependent upon network configuration and many other factors; actual results may vary. If you must re-enter vehicle – touch metal away from the area of the nozzle to discharge static electricity. Do not re-enter or leave vehicle while fuel is pumping. Money market funds are neither insured nor guaranteed by the FDIC or any other government agency. Excessive plunging force can cause scalding hot liquid to shoot out the pot. Patio guests: please check with host before seating. Danger confined space enter by permit only. Latch closed load limit 160lbs/72kg. Yield to blind in x-walk. Choose 2 sides per person only and no to go. Invoice must accompany all returns. 10-day wait period on refunds for sales paid by check. All sales final on balloons, glow products, tiaras, seasonal and holiday items, sales items, and custom orders. If you have a question about your prescription, ask your pharmacist. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Please call the lab for all test results. Please bring all medication when seeing the doctor. Remove label and lid, and place directly in microwave oven. Remove or bend over projecting nails. Always put life jackets on children. Wear a life jacket, especially if you can’t swim. Use earplugs, goggles or masks to minimize risk of infections. Use nose clips or hold your nose when jumping or diving into water. Due to an increase cost of billing and to prevent an increase in fees, payment at time service is rendered is appreciated. This machine has no brain; please use your own. Information gladly given; however please don’t disturb the Operator while the train is in motion. Powerbeds must be in locked position before travel. Do not sit down with the camera in a rear pocket. Do not place the camera unprotected with other hard objects in pockets or other containers (use a protective camera case). Do not drop the camera. The Limited Warranty does not cover damage due to improper handling. Caution: the start system must be pressurized before manual operation. There are no cloakrooms for the storage of coats or baggage. We request patrons to keep their belongings with them at all times. For the comfort of all patrons, it is not practical to take large items into the theatre. In these times of heightened security, please note that our staff reserve the right to carry out random bag searches. Employees entering this sterile area are subject to inspection. does not serve sandwiches or meals; however, you may bring something to eat. Never flush the toilet with your foot. Do not place chairs or other pbjects in front of the exit doors by order of the fire marshal. Removing any of the copyright notices without purchasing a license is illegal! Washer & Dryer safe. Microwave safe. Dishwasher safe.

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