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“Bexar County Line dot com” is an homage to the visually rich tapestry of San Antonio.

Bexar County Line (San Antonio, TX)

“In short, San Antonio has always been, and remains, a city of contradictions. It lacks the oil wealth of Houston, the financial strength and professional football team of Dallas, the political sophistication of Austin, the cow town relaxation of Fort Worth, the remoteness of Lubbock and Amarillo, and the aloofness of El Paso. But it attracts more tourists than any town in the state.”

Metz, Leon. A Roadside History of Texas, Mountain Press Publishing, Missoula, MT, 1994. Page 236.

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This is an astrofish.net production, there is a new picture from the “Bexar County Line” collection, every day. It’s a daily photo journal, exploring San Antonio, TX — as defined — Bexar County.

For a writer, there’s a relative paucity of words about this site. It’s a photo-weblog. That’s all. The guiding principle is easy: digital images from within the confines of the Bexar County Line, nothing staged, nothing expensive. No messing with the images, either, just simple, point-and-click stock. New image every day. There’s an expectant glee when hitting the county line, and being a perpetual tourist helps.


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