Orange Macro Lily

Orange Macro Lily (confession: no idea what kind of flower it really is.)
Hardware: iPhone

Limits of hardware…

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  • It is of the lily family I think. It looks like one and is beautiful. Lilies are one of my top favorite flowers.

  • The lily is so pretty.

  • lovely lily….you got great blog too…

  • Beautiful flower!! I love the orange colour!
    Thanks for posting this.

  • Your flower is a species of Hemerocallis and the common name is daylily.

  • Lilies are so interesting, they come in so many varieties and each is one is beautiful.

  • Gorgeous shot!

    My entry is a Dahlia.

  • So very, very nice. Summery!

  • It’s a hemerocallis or daylily… L

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