Old VW Bug 2

Hardware: iPhone
Software: CameraBag.app

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  • I remember a lot of these cars in the 70s. I think yellow was the most popular color.

  • I haven’t seen one of those in a while!

  • I had my first driving lesson in one of these. The car was too poky and the driving instructor had a very bad case of halitosis.
    I switched to a different instructor and a Mazda 929.

  • That’s a mid-50’s oval window bug (1953-57). Where was it. I want it!

    • The small oval – opera – window is what caught my eye that morning. Car was parked on the apron of downtown hotel. Classic vehicle.

  • Cool shot.

  • Nice!
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  • nice! so classic car….

  • Very nicely captured.

  • Very nice classic.. those where the days my friend. Flower power and the Beetle.My Ruby Link for you

  • Great shot. I had a navy blue in the late seventies but it was a ’69 model. My first car, actually.

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