Macro Water Lily

Macro Water Lily

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  • Nice lily. A nice soft lavender.

  • Gorgeous waterlily, what an amazing macro.
    Krammer, I was trying earlier to leave you a comment but I couldn’t find my way, starting from your profile.

  • I love the pastel shade, very soft.

  • Gorgeous shot. Love the color.

  • A magnificent macro. Those colors are so vivid.

  • I have never seen a purple water lily before! It is gorgeous! And I notice a bit of a self-portrait in the reflection, too!

  • It´s beautiful, i like the composition 🙂

  • it’s beautiful!

  • Water lilies are special. Unfortunately mine are spoiled by the browning and spotted foliage.
    yours are lovely.

  • Beautiful!

  • Pretty! It reminds me of childhood and the water lily pond across our house!

  • Beautiful waterlily and a lovely color.

  • What a beautiful Water Lily!! I love the soft colour of lavender, against the green lives of the lily pads.

  • Love your water lily picture..very nice colour!!
    Great shot.

  • I love how the lily pads seem to be outlined in black ink!

  • Nice colour! I’m more familiar with white ones here. 🙂

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