Sepia Scene inside The Alamo

Sepia Scene inside The Alamo

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  • puzzling sign. but, on second thought, touching is one thing but it wouldn’t take much for someone to foolinsly want to perhaps CHIP a bit of rock off. i suppose the warning, at least, might slow someone down.

  • It seems those signs draw people to touch things they wouldn’t have thought of touching if it weren’t for the signage…The rock texture is a nice contrast with the smooth paper.

  • hmmm why? 🙂 nice capture!

    u may view mine here

  • If a sign say something, people have a tendency to do the opposite..atleast most of the time, in this case, “what happens if i touch the wall?” ;).

    Have a great day.


  • I promise not to touch the wall. Intersting photo!

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