Italian Roast

Italian Roast

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  • Hope it’s a good roast, Kramer, cuz I like my coffee dark and strong just like I like my men! LOL! Thanks for playing Ruby Tuesday! 🙂

  • L love coffee!xlove this ruby red imagexlynda

  • Teach: I’m most noted for saying I like my women like my coffee…

    “Hot and black?”

    “Cold and bitter…” (It’s summer time, iced espresso).

  • Sounds good!

    MY Ruby Tuesday

  • I could smell here the fresh coffee aroma. ^_^

  • Nice Ruby Tuesday!

  • Coffee dear, please! Italian roast…

  • Sounds good. I also like black strong coffee:)
    Happy RT

  • Looks good. Do you know what kind(s) of coffee are Italian roasted in this blend?


  • Love coffee, need soon now, Happy RT
    My Ruby Link for you

  • uhmm i can smell its aroma 🙂

    u may view mine here

  • Neat RT post 🙂 Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  • great photo … happy ruby tuesday.

  • Coffee lovers around the world will like this one.

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