Ruby Tuesday

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  • Hmmm…who knew that willbe is one word. You learn something new everyday. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

  • I can’t make this stuff up. I just point and click.

  • hahahah too many “willbe” rules..

    How about an ornery little fella for Ruby Tuesday?

  • Ah now that is funny, willbe too many rules. Great photo.

  • LOL willnotbe parking here. HRT

  • I better not disobey that sign.

  • the owner is pretty serious with his/her parking spaces.:P

  • Allllllllllllll righty, then!

    My R T is posted now. “I came, HE SAWED, we conquered”. come see. Here is the permalink to my Tuesday post.

  • Interesting sign!

  • They don’t want you here!

    Go park your car somewhere else—

    or risk a tow job!

    My Ruby Tuesday

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