Ruby Tuesday

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  • A little scary but quite beautiful!

    A really red ruby!!

  • It certainly is the detailed work of the artist. Although, who is capable of determining good vs bad ‘art’? Not my style, but certainly eye-catching and bold!

  • A wonderful piece of dramatic, fantasy street art!

  • Thats some fancy work!

  • Wonderful mural.

  • thta’s very eyecatching piece of art. Color is very bold.

    my RT is up here.

  • Isn’t it pretty? Not necessarily the design, but the colors? Whoa!! Great art work.

    My RT is posted, I do hope you can find some time to visit———

  • very red art.

  • Now that good graffiti. very powerful and RED indeed. Happy RT

  • Wow! What a find! That is so vibrant!! That could be an interesting backdrop for photo sessions.

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