Odd Hibiscus

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  • That is very beautiful!

  • Another great shot!

  • What a beautiful color on your flower! Beautiful shot!

    Thank you so much for sharing on Today’s Flowers!

  • A lovely red with lush green leaves – very pretty!

  • so lovely with all its waving petals.


  • Very beautiful picture of a wonderful red hiscus!!


  • Sorry for the typo..it should be “hibiscus”.

  • Gorgeous flower

  • What a lovely double Hibiscus!

  • I love your flower.Great color.

  • is that called a double or a triple??

  • what a very nice shot! so vivid in color. I love hibiscus.

  • love its vibrant color.

  • Your photo is wonderful and your flower so very pretty. Thank you very much for sharing.

  • I love this flower- orange just brightens up your day right?

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