red bicycle


Ruby Tuesday

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  • that is so cool, what a great shot!

  • the red bike definitely stands out. great shot!

  • Very nice and bright contrast to the world around it. Well done.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday.

  • Bikes, and a red one. great Ruby .

  • the web image doesn’t quite capture it, but the lettering in the background is on a city building, and it’s the story about the day San Antonio de Bexar was ‘discovered.’ The red bicycle, near as I can tell, is a courier’s. Cool, in and of itself.

  • i love the shadows and the contrast.. HRT

  • What a cool shot….that bike looks so random there.

  • lone red bicycle

    waiting for its owner to

    pedal it away

    My Ruby Tuesday

  • Very nice red bike! That water bottle, though, is getting hot in the sun! 🙂 Good job for Ruby Tuesday!

  • That red bicycle was just waiting for you and your camera! How nice!

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