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  • Beautiful flowers!!

  • So very lovely.


  • Your hibiscus makes a delightful image. Thank you for sharing.

  • Love the color of that hibiscus. Very pretty. =)

  • LOL the link on my name goes to a very, very old post. Here is the correct one for my Todays flower.

  • color surely pops against that wall..sandy

  • Yess, a hibiscus, nice.

  • I admire your composition. The bright flower color and green leaves against a neutral background is striking. Thanks for sharing your photo.

  • A beautiful picture of a lovely hibiscus.
    Composition and colour makes a great shot.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Hibiscus! I grew up with red ones in Indonesia and now, in Holland I have blue ones in my garden.

  • love the red color. mine is pink.

  • i miss hibiscus flowers back home in my country philippines.

  • Beautiful photo, the Hybiscus leaps right out of the picture at you.

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