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  • I am lucky my husband just made me coffee – you photo made me crave one instantly – and the one is coming – not as strong though – used to drink espresso when I was young 🙂 Beautiful picture! Red makes the brown even more delicious! Love coffee!

  • A demitasse of a stout yet smooth tasting espresso! This seems so delicate, not like the pint plus coffees we Americans like so much. Yours has the style we miss. Quality…not quantity, a perfect and artistic cup of Joe!

  • The PERFECT drink hovering over a sea of red. Love it.

  • Very artistic shot!

  • Cool idea ;).

  • Love you presented this. It reminds me of my mom and her love of a good cup. I never developed a taste for it.

  • what could be more perfect than a hot and creamy espresso over that warm red spread?

  • this is really a good commercial shot for a coffee. Nice red! my RT is up too.

  • Nice Red Coffee
    Happy Tuesday

    Lots of luv,

  • Love this photo! I think I’ll go pour myself another!

  • Pretty!!! I want it. Give it.

  • perfect photo and i suspect perfect cup of coffee =)

  • Now that is a really red background… nice shot. Pass the coffee please.

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