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  • Very interesting shot. Where is this?

  • South Flores, San Antonio, TX.

    The letters were red, in the twilight.

    It’s a “yard” behind an empty storefront.

  • Very unique shot!
    I’m wondering why the huge letters spelling paint?

  • Hmmm. It looks like a place with a history and some stories.

  • This is just too perfect.

    Question tho….are you Texan? Bexar County? I live in Corpus. Just curious.

    This is my first time I participated in Ruby Tuesday. Mary kept hinting that I join in…today I got a chance to do some ruby red. Come on over if you can find some time. Happy Tuesday.

  • Very Texan. Texist, even. Austin and SA, hence the name, “Bexar County Line.”

    I adore the Texas Gulf Coast.

  • Looks abandoned and lonely.

  • Very unique! Good satire!

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