Please Report All Fish Caught

“Please Report All Fish Caught”

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  • Well I’ve seen lots of signs but no one like that.
    Makes one wonder why and to whom

  • Leaves me with a lot of questions too.
    Sydney – City and Suburbs

  • Someone is hungry, and have no money to pay for the food, no money to buy the equipment to catch the fish. They all work in the Town Hall…..:)

  • Yes, that’s an interesting sign. I assume they keep count.

  • Interesting, i’ve never seen a sign like that before.

    Regina In Pictures

  • Well, ain’t that a stumper! Quite an interesting photo. Wonder if there are snitches who spy on the fisherpeople…

  • Hmmm, do the fish get fined for being caught?

  • And please, report here all pictures caught 🙂

  • never seen that sign before ….who do you report it too???lol
    great water shot..

  • LOL ! Bureararacy gone rampant !!

    So who do you report the fish too ??

    Love the photo !

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